changing lives - not only for today - but for tomorrow

Changing Lives Today

Posted on July 12, 2013

Helping children with food, medicine, clothing, and counseling

Operating three weekly soup kitchens for the poor

Assisting victims of leprosy and their families:

Providing mobility carts for lepers

Funding a library, computer center, social activities, and music and arts

programs in the leper colony

Employing assistants to help homebound lepers

Changing Lives for Tomorrow

Posted on July 12, 2013


Pre-school and primary school — operating schools in high poverty areas

Educational and cultural outings — arranging and funding educational and cultural outings for children attending public schools in high poverty areas

Tutoring programs — for children living in the leper colony and other poor areas

Vocational school — funding a vocational school for high school students, giving them skills needed for jobs in their community — carpentry, mechanical, electrical, cooking, sewing, computer training, music

College — funding university education for children from the leper colony and indigenous communities

Adult Education — providing needed adult education


Providing medical help, counseling, and training in indigenous communities

Assisting with school construction, providing school supplies


Funding programs that help over 2,000 children with counseling, tutoring, and vocational programs